Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hello Kitty Products - It Never Ends

water-dispenser_7881.jpgKidKraft® Hello Kitty SoHo Chair

Hello Kitty Breath TesterHello Kitty Breath Tester

This Hello Kitty product lets you test the quality and smell of your breath, so you know if you can be social or not. The quality of your breath is measured by four different Hello Kitty images ranging from a smile and three big white hearts to disgust and a small black hearth.
Hello Kitty GuitarHello Kitty Guitar

The famous guitar company Fender produces a special set with a Hello Kitty Stratocaster guitar and speakers. The guitar is available in both pink and black and features a big Hello Kitty face.

Hello Kitty GuitarThe guitar normally cost around $230, but it's also possible to pick up a high end version for more than $20,000. The price is explained by the fact that only three high end version have been produced.

Hello Kitty Wedding Dress Hello Kitty Wedding Dress

Some women from especially Asia are so excited about Hello Kitty that they want her face on their wedding dress. The wedding dress does resemble a traditional western wedding dress if it weren't for the color and the many Hello Kitty faces that covers it. The Hello Kitty Wedding dress will do great if you get married at a Hello Kitty wedding party.
Hello Kitty KT2010A - Pink Corded Memory Telephone with Caller ID - Hello Kitty KT2010AHello Kitty Phone
Hello Kitty Exhaust PipeHello Kitty Exhaust Pipe

This is apparently not an official Sanrio item, but a creation of some Hello Kitty fans. It is surely a great addition to most of the Hello Kitty cars we have featured previously.
Hello Kitty Keyboard Hello Kitty Keyboard

A traditional keyboard in pink with a purple wrist support. The keyboard has a number of multimedia buttons for quickly accessing your favorite website and email or controlling the playback of a cd.

Hello Kitty Mouse Hello Kitty Mouse

Here we have an optical mouse in the shape of Hello Kitty's head. Hello Kitty's ribbon acts as both left and right click buttons and in the middle of the ribbon we have a scroll wheel.
Hello Kitty Keyboard Stickers Hello Kitty Keyboard Stickers

A Hello Kitty keyboard might be a bit to much, so you might want to consider some Hello Kitty stickers instead. The stickers seems to have a text indicating the button they are placed on, but it looks a bit more difficult to see than traditional keyboard letters.
Hello Kitty Headphones Hello Kitty Headphones

These lovely headphones comes with cute Hello Kitty images on the ear covering parts and a microphone shaped like the face of Hello Kitty. A volume control can also be found on the side of the Hello Kitty face microphone.
Hello Kitty Xbox Hello Kitty Xbox

At first we thought this Hello Kitty Xbox was a custom made project, but it turns out that it was once produced as a special promotion package for the Singapore market. The Hello Kitty Xbox was packed with a special Hello Kitty controller and the game “Hello Kitty Mission Rescue”.

Hello Kitty DreamcastA Hello Kitty Sega Dreamcast also used to be available in Japan, but it surely ain't as cute as the Hello Kitty Xbox.

Hello Kitty USB Flash Drive Hello Kitty USB Flash Drive

Hello Kitty fans also need to transport their files, so here we have a Hello Kitty USB flash drive. It's available with either 256 or 512 MB capacity and does unfortunately cost a lot more than most other USB flash drives.
Hello Kitty SD Memory Card Hello Kitty SD Memory Card

For use in digital cameras you can choose a cute Hello Kitty SD memory card in either pink or blue. While most of the other Hello Kitty computer gear is exciting for Hello Kitty fans, it is a bit difficult to understand the reason for choosing a Hello Kitty SD memory card since it will be hidden inside your camera most of the time.
Hello Kitty Digital Camera Hello Kitty Digital Camera

If an SD memory card isn't enough, you can also get a special Hello Kitty digital camera with a 3.2 megapixel sensor, lcd screen and an SD memory card slot.
Hello Kitty Laptop, Homemade Hello Kitty Laptop

Some people have created their own Hello Kitty laptop with pink buttons and fur around the screen, but it's also possible to find an official Hello Kitty version of the Epson Endeavor portable computer.

Hello Kitty Laptop, EpsonThe Epson Hello Kitty laptop has lots of Hello Kitty pictures on the cover, but this apparently increases the price with almost $400.

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