Wednesday, December 26, 2007

PSP Games!

Seriously i am sick of downloading PSP games piece by piece on sites that dont have enough slots for my country like Megaupload.

I can only download from sites like Sendspace and Gigashare,but after one download i have to wait around 2-3 hours to download another file.The thing that annoys me the most is that most games have....what? 10 parts? 5 parts? I did try using Rapget but 70% of the links dont connect at all.Now ive found a website that can let me download games,song and movies faster and its unlimited.

They have new and updated stuff like :

New albums,games & movies(DVD-rip only) :

Alicia Keys: As I Am

Gears of WarF.E.A.R. Perseus Mandate

Licenced software :

Try it out :

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top Features:

Over 137,000,000 of PSP Files - Music, Games, Movies & eXtraz!
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Complete Ready PSP Games - RPG, Fighting, Sports, Quests!
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Absoultely Unlimited Downloading, available 24/7! And nothing extra to pay.
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Add the whole new life into your PSP for a one game price!

No matter the membership you choose, your account will allow you to:

  • Connect at anytime 24/7!
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  • Download Extras - PSP Wallpapers and Software to tune up Your PSP!
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  • Ask our great Support team any question about your PSP!
  • Rembmer, All Inclusive! No need to pay for downloads and PSP tuning with us!
Always at your service:

70+ Million of Game releases

30+ Billion of MP3 Music

17+ Million of Full Movies

24/7 live friendly community

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More reasons

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