Saturday, March 8, 2008


I watched 10,000 b.c.
Story: In the year 10,000 B.C..a hunter (Steven Strait) loses his woman (Camilla Belle) to an evil warlord, so he gathers together a massive army to cross the wilderness fighting all manner of man and beast to find a lost civilization and mount a daring rescue.

Since its in association with Legendary Pictures,you can expect very very stunning graphics.

Weird thing is....the good people speak...English..but the evil people speaks some other language.Why speak in English? 10,000 b.c ago people speak English? They couldve just make them speak some funky language and put subtitles for the realism.

Another weird thing is...there are funny parts of the movie.didnt know people then could make jokes and actually be sarcastic.

There are also people building pyramids in the movie which i dont understand why theres even pyramids in it. ?_?

And,sadly to say Camilla Belle seriously looks like Lindsay Lohan in the whole movie.Her acting is,just ok,with very little to no talking.All you see are her blue eyes.

Overall its a good movie!

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