Saturday, February 2, 2008

Kingdom Hearts : Birth By Sleep


Despite the cheesy title,the trailer is just crazy.Ive never liked KH,because of the mickkey mousies and the annoying ducks but this i got to say.ITS GUD! Cant bellieve this is on a PSP. Watch it :

Birth by Sleep is a single player action role playing game which features melee combat.The gameplay is believed to have gameplay similar to the action-RPG style of the previous games in the series. Tetsuya Nomura has stated that the gameplay will be similar to Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories in that decks will be used. The game will be divided into three scenarios,with each scenario having different styles of gameplay based on the personalities and abilities of the three main characters.Nomura has also stated that players can play from any of the three scenarios and possibly stop mid-way through one scenario to begin another. The developers also plan to add multiplayer components and a new character growth system.

Birth by Sleep focuses on the story of Keyblade masters before Sora from the original Kingdom Hearts game and is a prequel, taking place ten years before the original Kingdom Hearts. Nomura has stated that though there are three scenarios, there is not one singularly important scenario or character, but that the main theme is Ven's identity. The story was speculated early on to be connected to the unlockable trailers at the end of Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. Nomura has since confirmed a connection to the trailers. The story revolves around three Keyblade apprentices in search of a missing Keyblade master, Master Xehanort, and his apprentice.Their disappearance foreshadows a great disaster.The game will take place in various Disney-themed worlds, both new and old, and will reflect the time difference between this game and the previous Kingdom Hearts games.

Release Date : To be announced

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