Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Wishlist 2008

Urban Humorous Cynicism Ring 1

A man is sitting alone between two walls. Sometimes we feel loneliness even though we are living in a big city...!

material sterling silver
stone -
size max width : approx 11.5 mm/0.45in //
max 11 mm/0.43 in thick
weight 21g

Emoticon Stamp
- to tell your feeling of the time straight easily -

Shachihata Easy-Emoticon Maker!

T-Qualizer 3D

RM 114.61

No feeding no water just leave it alone!!
Super Bio-Tech Mobile Plant Cell Phone Strap
Your Plant in Vitro Capsule!
Blue or Pink Bio-Tech Fertilizer
keeps it growing without water

Ntt Docomo Foma Keitai Miniature Figure

Crispy Bread as Display Stand

Chill in Spray Can Mobile Air Conditioner
Blust off sizzling hot summer days!

Just spray! Chilled air, -40 degree c, blusts off sizzling hot! Have a comfortable summer with a mobile air conditioner!
* Please don't spray directly to skin. It may cause burn wounds.

contents: 220ml
material: ethanol, silicon surface acting agent, perfume material and antimicrobial agent
free from chlorofluorocarbon
* important notie *
Please don't spray directly to skin.
Please don't spray more than 3 sec. to the same spot.
These may cause burn wounds.

Aqua Pict Illuminated Jellyfish Aquarium


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