Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hello Kitty Online



WTF....? Hello Kitty ONLINE!
...not sure if this is a nightmare or a cute dream

Basic Info

Hello Kitty and friends welcome you to the exciting and fantastic Hello Kitty World! This is the first-ever online game platform featuring the all-time-favorite Hello Kitty characters from Sanrio!
Hello Kitty World will allow thousands of players to live and participate in Hello Kitty's magical and cute online world. Youwill be able to roam the streets of Kitty Kingdom, XO Federation, and Melody-land. Enjoy the beautiful landscape and architecture of Puroland or Badtzcity and participate in numerous puzzles, story lines, or adventures lead by the worldwide community of Hello Kitty World subscribers. You can even have a successful career, open different shops, earn and spend Sanrio Dollars in your bank, buy a house, and trade with other players around the vast game world.

Other than hundreds of choices for you to build your dream house and lovely player characters, hellokitty World players will also be able to raise pets and teach them special tricks and skills. Players will be able to cooperate and interact with other players to overcome a joint quest or challenge other friends to a friendly duel.

You will be able to make new friends through special in-game telepathy as well as interact with other gamers through a variety of community channels and forums. Share the exciting world of hellokitty World and spread the message of love with both your old friends and the new ones you have just met in the hellokitty World.

The game is now running Closed Beta only selected players can play.


You can choose your player and customize it by choosing a unique appearence from a great pool of selections:

50+ Basic Body and Face
150+ Hair Style
500+ Close and Outfit
150+ Accessaries
150+ shoes


There are three sets of characters in the game: Angels,Players, and NPCs. Angels and Players are selected and controlled by you.

Angel is miraculous and cute pet, which help
the Player in making various articles and
accomplishing different tasks in the game. It begins as an infant, and grows differently depending on how the Player raises it over time. The angel will often grow correspondingly to the growth of the Player?s knowledge. As the angel grows, it will learn various knowledge and skill to further aid and support the Player in return. Every Player can only own one angel, and the Player can interact with his/her Angel anytime.

These Sanrio characters are the only ones not controlable by you. They are the main theme and "God" of one Nation. For example, in hellokitty World, hellokitty reigns supreme as the overseer of the land. With her guidance, love and happiness is abound and people are able to live in the cute land of Kitty Kingdom in hellokitty World. hellokitty will be there during your important occasions to bless and help you. hellokitty will also arrive to give guidance and new missions to residents of her world.

For each game account, you may establish three different game Players and try these different characters according to your own interest. You can create a unique human character (Player) from a great pool of character selections, and give your character a unique name, appearance, gender, blood-type, birthday, and residency. These characters will have its own personal attributes, skills, and character traits.

Throughout the game, these Players will have its own personal attributes, skills, character traits, and different needs to be satisfied. For example, a simple system of scoring will maintain a Player`s statistics in various areas: Health, Fun, Alignment, Popularity, Hunger, Appearance, Wealth and Happiness.


Players may purchase land and structure to build their own house after having sufficient money.
Once you have purchased a house, you will have the key to your house, and only the Player with the key have access to the house. You can customize it by acquiring new furnitures, and decorate it anyway you like. As the Player advances, there will be more options to purchase more expensive items for the home, or to expand your house.

One question...............


Mini game....?


No monster........?

Me no wants to play game wit no gore n munster for me to bash.
die kitty die!!

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