Wednesday, April 30, 2008




the continental division, Humans ruled the ancient world of machine. Humans lived in abundance with their combined magic and science technology. Not too long, the Maestros were able to create a Neo Steam Receiver, a machine used to store Neo Steam energy. With this invention, the ancient science prospered once more

Then one day, the continent was divided into two due to the huge vortex. The huge vortex made contacts between the two continents difficult.

As the two countries are separated, and with both countries developed different civilizations, these two once separated countries are forced to wage war for the Neo Steam energy. With the Neo Steam receiver at hand, the Steam war has just began


Unique Storyline
Neo Steam boasts some unique story line for all the fantasy MMORPG gamer out there. With its unique steam punk theme, gaming would never be the same.

More race to choose from!
There are four races to choose from - Humans, Elf, Form and Beast. Eeach race has its own specialty so feel free to experience it all.

More classes to choose from!
Neo Steam offers 4 main classes with 2 subclasses each for more character diversity. It is up to you to discover these great classes and used it with ease.

Vast Quest System
Good news for the quest lovers! Neo Steam offers more than 100 quests to do!

Cool Rides
Neo Steam contains new and exciting transportation for Neo Steam gamers

Cool Pet System
Enjoy the cool pets that will aide you in your battles!

RVR (Realm vs. Realm)
This unique feature pits kingdoms to own the Neo Steam Generator. It’s a massive scale war between kingdoms!

I was playing the Closed Beta.It was serious shit fun.With 3X the normal EXP of coz hehe.
Anyways,the Closed Beta Ended today :`( .SOB no nice games to play now.
Anyways im so waiting for Open Beta.The game is really nice.Its cute and solid.
From the start of the game u will get a pet,then you can evolve it into 3 types :
Click for larger view.

Depending on ur Nation.Once u chose a side/nation,after that you cant change it anymore.
Its sumthing like WoW's Alliance and Horde,both have diffrences and good points.
Alot of players chose to evolve their pet for attacks.I dont get the point of that,cos..players will already do alot of damage,so i chose Light,a pet that can random attack and steals money.
So i wont hav to worry about gold when i need to buy stuff. :)

Theres alot of interesting classes and races i havent got to try out yet :(
And i havent went for War yet.
I will post when the Open Beta starts.Im 200% sure i will be playing this game for a long long time.Its better than Cabal!

My Screenshots (Click for larger view. )


ME (Tracker Class) + My Pet (Light = Steals Money + random attack) and tamed Beetle.I miss them both :(
In the city.Note that the GM is always in the chat,so its pretty good as they hold frequent events.
1 Day before Closed Beta ends i wanted to try a God Caller ( summons Pets).
Steam Baloon.Needs Neosteam + Gold to use.

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