Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cloverfield is having a SALE!

There are a lot of Cloverfield related items for sale:

Costumes from Ebay

Other Ebay items

Some of the items :

Movie Trailer CLOVERFIELD #2 SCOPE 35mm
US $20.50

Cloverfield Promo Set Cup,Coaster & Sticker

US $4.99

Cloverfield Promo Pack
US $20.51

The pack includes a"Slusho" shirt, a hat with the title treatment on the front and the release date on the back, and a cell phone/blackberry battery charger that comes with an official Cloverfield promo card in the package.The cellphone charger was the one tht Rob was looking for in the movie.These were given out during the promo night of the movie.

And this is 'Rob's Party mix' CD .They were given out at Rob's Surprise Party in NYC.

US $80.00

Seller's note :
"Not available in stores, you are bidding on a very rare Cloverfield promotional CD.. This is the Rob's Party Mix CD (made up of the music played at Rob's going away party). There is no official soundtrack for the movie, but those who attended the special myspace "Rob's Going Away Party" in NYC received a copy of this cd. There were supposedly to be less than 300 of these produced... Big Now, Do Not Sleep!! "

Cloverfield Soundtrack: Rob's Party Mix It contains the following tracks:
1. West Coast -- Coconut Records
2. Taper Jean Girl -- Kings of Leon
3. Beautiful Girls -- Sean Kingston
4. Do I Have Your Attention -- The Blood Arm
5. Got Your Moments -- Scissors for Lefty
6. Give Up The Funk -- Parliament
7. 19-2000 -- Gorillaz
8. The Underdog -- Spoon
9. Pistol of Fire -- Kings of Leon
10. Do the Whirlwind -- Architecture In Helsinki
11. Grown So Ugly -- The Black Keys
12. Four Winds -- Bright Eyes
13. The Ride -- Joan As PoliceWoman
14. Seventeen Years -- Ratatat
15. Wraith Pinned To The Mist and Other Games -- Of Montreal
16. Fuzz -- MuCC

Cloverfield Movie Prop - Cast & Crew Gift
US $71.00

A messenger bag that was given as a gift to all of the cast and crew upon completion of filming.

On the bag are the various titles the film was called during principal photography, including "Slusho!"

Rocks from the set
US $38.00

This realistic-looking rubble was used in filming around New York City during the production of the film for a major disaster sequence.

And this is the seller's explanation of how she obtained the rocks :

Q: Can you provide proof that this is authentic? You have zero feedback and any more info on this item would be helpful. Exactly how did you get it?

A: Hi! I realize I made a mistake by listing this item under my new eBay name. I changed my name a while back and decided to use a new eBay name but, obviously, I lost all my feedback in the process. My old username is 'kireisarah' and you can see that there's only positive feedback there. Unfortunately, since these were given to me personally on the set of the film, there are no papers to go with them. I visited the location filming in uptown New York (Columbus Circle) in early August and watched them film a sequence on 59th Street in which they scattered the street with rubble. When they were through, one of the set dressers let my friends and I have some of the "rubble" to take home. It was very exciting, and I wouldn't be selling them, except that I have no where left to put them and I desperately need the space! Hope that answers your question! -Vera


US $4,605.00

Seller's NOTE :


I was the Digital Imaging Supervisor on the movie, and we used the HVX-200 extensively. "Cloverfield" is shot entirely from a video camera's point of view and THIS is that camera!!

I bought this HVX as a backup camera to our main shooting cam. It was BARELY used throughout shooting, as shown by the picture below which lists the Operation and Recording Hours (6 Operation Hours and Not even ONE Recording Hour)."

Costumes for sale @ premiere props

CLOVERFIELD Marlena's (Lizzy Caplan) Hero MOVIE COSTUMES

Direct from the set of the visceral film, this is Marlena's (Lizzy Caplan) screenworn hero costume. The sullied outfit includes a soiled white "Vince" tank top, a dirty black tank top, a pair of soiled blue "Diesel" jeans, a long gold chain necklace with a gold seahorse pendant, a dust-covered wristwatch (painted to appear dirty/ functionality unknown ) and two dust-covered braided leather bracelets (painted to appear dirty). Wardrobe tag is included!

Add this key costume from CLOVERFIELD to your movie memorabilia collection today!

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