Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Tamagotchi V5 Shipping Date Confirmed! The new V5 shipping date is now confirmed. The Tamagotchi Connection Version 5 will be the FamiTama. According to Bandai's Japanese press release , the V5 (FamiTama) will start shipping on November 23, 2007 for Japan and will start shipping worldwide to North America, Europe and Asia in January 2008! This is very exciting news to hear.

The Tamagotchi Connection V5 (FamiTama) screen will be 1.5 times wider than other previous Tamagotchi versions.

This is the latest release from the Tamagotchi line (Version 5), new games and new characters. This version is unique - on first go you are instantly blessed with 3 Tamagotchi's - a Familitchi ;)

New improved graphics and gameplay (as can be seen below) brings new excitement to this classic game piece.

The video sample below shows a Tamagotchi being played. It even has the capability to connect to the internet to play games and gain extra credits and items which can be brought back to the little portable Tamagotchi unit.

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