Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cloverfield Monster

This photo actually comes from Peter Konig's gallery of "concept" art, at the appropriately named ConceptArt.org. The gallery is full of things that could be the monster, but are not.

Here is an amazing artist rendition of a Cloverfield monster concept. The fan made artwork is NOT the Cloverfield monster, but was in fact created by Washington artist Doug Williams, for an online contest.

1.The monster has 2 big arms,2 small arms and 2 legs.
2.The monster has a tail.
3.The monster is not a mutated human/whale/lizard.
4.The monster is not from earth.
5.JJ Abrams never posted any sketches or pics of the monster on the internet.
6.All the pics and sketches are fan-art.

These 2 pics are the most accurate fan-art pics of the monster.The second pic being the most accurate.Drawn by the same person,before and after movie.

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