Thursday, January 24, 2008

RO2 Races

The Ellr

"The Ellr are a half-breed, born between an interracial relationship between the Normans and the Elves. They inhabit their own land known as 'Alfheim'. After participating in the war between the eastern and western Normans, they returned to Alfheim, but have recently returned to Midgard to investigate why their "Mother Tree" fell silent. The power of an Ellr comes from the magical stones they possess, called 'Stones of Ancestors'."

They have recently began to come in contact with Normans, and seem to be at peace with them.


As was mentioned before, their skills revolve around stones. Those "Anima of _______" you keep getting from random mobs will be used for this race's skills. Since there are a great number of different kinds of these for the different elements, it seems like the Ellr will have a rather complex magic system. It is also rumored that they will be able to move reletively fast, dispite their size. Ellr will be able to use bow and staff class weapons. It also appears they can use Short Swords, according to the in-game description for the short sword auges.

The Dimago

This race's plot comes primarily from the future korean mobile game, "Rise of the Dimago"

"At the very beginning of Rune-Midgard, evil giants called the Colossus reigned over the planet with an iron fist. Humans revered and despised them because of their cruelty as masters. Only one race was courageous enough to stand against the Colossus - the Dimago. Born between the unthinkable union of Colossus and Human, the Dimago was also hated by Midgard. However, it was their sacrifice that made it possible for the Humans to eventually take control of Midgard once again. After the Colossus fell, the Dimago mysteriously vanished. Rumors spread around that they were all slumbering in an ancient and secret castle called the “Cradle”. The story of the RO2 Mobile game begins when a Dimago named Rafka and his “ego” suddenly wakes up from centuries of sleep."

This takes us to the "present" in Ragnarok 2. The Dimago are waking up from their sleep, and have lost their memory. This would give them good reason to travel around the world, searching for their past.

Dimago are designed to be around 7-8 heads tall (the same proportions as an average person), while Normans are about 4-6 heads tall, and the Ellr are 2-3 heads tall. That should give you an idea of the dramatic size difference that seperates Dimago from the other races.


An official statement from Gravity said that they will have a dynamic skill tree, and appeal to western gamers. It is currently assumed that they will not have job classes like Normans, but will have a complex skill tree with different paths to take. A concept sketch from the RO2 Art Book (see below) shows a Dimago transforming into a dragon-like creature. This leads us to assume they will have transformation abilities, which would make sense with their back story. The official artwork from Gravity shows them holding katanas, so it is safe to say they will be melee orientated.

This is a small list of the NPC's available in-game now.Seems like they have worked more on Ellrs since there are Ellr NPC's around.And yes even the NPC's are cute.

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