Friday, January 11, 2008


Is RO2 out yet? NOH

LOL *point laugh*

im playing RO2 now.i gots a....enchanter lv 15.and seriously,its good ( so far ) on the private servers.YOU CAN sign up for the RO2 official server,if tht are korean/ have Korean IP add or you have korean friends.

im playing on EUPHRO.Google it.dont be a lazy ass >_>

Downloading the client is fast,i used mediafire,an alternative link from the original client link ( Filefront ).Patch the game,download and install the english patch and....PLAY

The english patch is still under developement but they've done a good job,all the menus,stats,description,monster name,NPC name and ETC is already in English.The team name is ROTRANS.

Seriously.RO2 is nothing like RO1...i actually prefer RO1's game system..cept for the 2D graphics.

In RO2 everything is in 3D,and theres no more funky bubble emotes.The emotes now are char actions and when you do the emote,the char face will "change" according to the emote.Finally,characters looked REAL.No more zombie-i-dont-need-to-blink-my-eyes chars anymore like most games.The eyes,eyebrows,lips can move according to emotes.

Theres no more Black Smiths,Priests,Crusader,Rouge,Alchemist,taekwon,NINJAS,etc.....

The only classes you can play are Novice,Enchanter,Swordsman,Clown,Recruit and Thief

Novice is the class you start with,but you can play it in the long run bcoz its more like the SUPER NOVICE not the lv1-10 novice.They got new kick ass skills now.

Enchanter is the Priest + Sage + Wizard.This is the best class to lv fast so far,but the sells are very limited..Fireball..Ice Arrow..Heal and Call Lightning....DAMNIT no more Frost Driver..... =_=

Swordsman...its a tanker...ah...i havent played it..heard its overpowered tho.Will try it soon

Clown <---- i dont like them they remind me of Dancers/Bards.They are the supportive class throwing their "song" everywhere on the i dont like them so gah.... Recruits are gun users.They're okay but the attack is pretty slow..died a few times using this class.But the skills are pretty good,does sum nice damage. Thief are...thieves? Normal skills like stealth,steal etc.Theres a new skill that lets you move faster for a duration of time.They usually hit monsters/ppl from the back <-- backstab gives more dmg. You can change between classes for a fee.and you dont buy/trade/get weapons.When you change class you will get a weapon according to your class.The weapon LVS UP like...1XP per hit.When it LVs up you takes its to teh Blacksmithy at teh town to upgrade it.There are ges and stones that are for AUGEMENTATION as in adding stats to your weapons available.Only drops from monsters. Skills are bought using Skillbooks <-- this is where all your money will go....... They implemented Seals on EQ,like when you equip it it will be bound to you.Not tradeable. Theres alot of QUESTS to do,with nnice big rewards. PORINGS ARE LV 13-14....DROPS are LV 15-16 POPORINGS are LV26 Gravity went mad i swear.Now porings will eat you for LUNCH. Puku/Pukupuku/Pukui <--- they took the poring's place.Those are the new low LV cute moncters you will SEE ALOT .They are really cute in-game.>>>>>>

That's a PUKUI

Some Cute Monsters :

The 2 more races,Ellr and Dimago arent implemented yet..The private server team is already workign on it and they say that they are going to update the patch so that EuphRO will get the update faster than the official RO2.Muahahhahaa.

If you DID download and TEST EuphRO giv me a ring
Username : KikiLala

Will post pictures of my Char soon.

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